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Jimbaran Bay Seafood

Seafood Restaurant di Jalan Pantai Kedonganan Jalan Pasir Putih, Badung
Bali, Indonesia
Postal Code
Seafood Restaurant,


Nasser M
One of the main activities in Bali is to have your dinner in this area at sunset. Amazing and unforgettable view, food and atmosphere. Don't miss it

Asim Harthi
Fresh grilled seafood with the house red sauce, Awesome. Outdoor seating watching the sunset, OMG!
Bella Salilula

Sulistyowati Ardiningsih
Dinner on the edge of the beach ., with 'live music'and candle light. Kerang bakarx super duper yummyyyyyy.... Have to try it !!!

Firzy Mubarak
Great view, beautiful landscape, with a little wave surrounding the night. Perfect Choice For Romantic Dinner, Reccomended
Meshari ..
its very good for groups, couples and families. As well, the food is delicious . price not that expensive , but the food takes an hour to be ready.

Katerina Kuvaeva
Romantic, seafood, sunsets, must visit. Best beach for ever

Agata Renata
The view is great, romantic and the seafoods is awesome!
shahren abdul jani
Nice food serving here..
Bobbi Brown
Nice location with a nice sunset...but with the food quality that we get...i think its a bit pricey though...
Kiky Widya
where exotic lunch with family and myboy friend :)
Hadi Hamka
Inggita Kasim
Menega! Everything was all good! :)
krishna zaman
high recomended have to try this jimbaran seafood.....more tips
Kyknya mesti dr sore deh..kalo mau..dinner dsn..antriii pooollllll....(⌣_⌣”)
Yuudik Angkangan
Nongkrong yuuk
Intan Kartika
Kmren dua bulan yg lallu makannya disini sama khauf sekarang sama keluarga :( will miss this moment w/ khauf
Quinnie Yee
Mahal sangat!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡
Oleg S.
На один раз...купить сцену с закатом солнца... Все кафешки на одно лицо - грязненькие скатерти, пляжная мебель, приборы как в самолетах. Морепродукты свежие, но без фантазий. неплохое местное вино
Incredible Dev
Lama sekali makanannya..

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