Enjoy the holidays with family in Bali Nusa Dua

Posted by : Adit Jambrongs February 17, 2017 Category : Travel Books

Ahead of the holiday season so it's good if you plan your own vacation with the family's beloved. On holiday with family in addition to refresing can increase a sense of sisterhood among each Member of the family. One of the tourist areas of the family that you should visit is the Bali Nusa Dua Beach tourist area is known for its beauty and cleanliness of its beaches are very suitable as a family tourist attractions.

Bali's Nusa Dua area had been well known in various circles, in this area besides lined the beach there is also a beautiful garden is located just before entering the nusa dua. So it's not just the beauty of the beach you can enjoy but also the beauty of the garden. Now there are four beaches that are a family tourist areas, here is his:

Beach samuh
The beach has calm waters and shallow making it very suitable for you who brought small children, so they can play safely on the beach. Samuh Beach situated facing East is perfect for seeing the sights of the beautiful sunrise.

Mengiat Beach and geger Beach
Both of these beaches are still in the same location but has a different entrance while visiting one of these beaches you only follow directions. Both of these beaches have calm waves and shallow waters so it is very suitable for tourists who take the children.

Tanjung benoa Beach

The beach is very suitable for a family holiday as it has a wide range of nautical tourism activity that you and your family enjoy various rides can be enjoyed like banana boat, tour kepulau turtles and much more.

Thus the four family tourism in Bali Nusa Dua which can you and your family enjoy while on vacation to bali. Bali as one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia Travel is also a secure area for family holidays and all walks of life. Then the wait immediately make your vacation plans to bali right now.

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