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Pulau Tidung is one of the Thousand Islands District of the South , Tidung Island Village , North Jakarta , Indonesia . The total area of ​​the island Tidung approximately 109 ha with a population of approximately 5000 people . Tidung island is divided into two islands , namely Pulau Tidung Large and small Pulau Tidung , the large island Tidung more on islands inhabited by local Tidung and daily activities . whereas for small island use as Tidung cultivation or plantation such as palm trees , guava trees , lemon trees , mangroves and others.

Pulau Tidung Tidung large and small islands in connecting with the long bridge , which was known Bridge of Love , a very strategic location of the island Tidung to be made as a tourist attraction of the island is located in the north jakarta , jakarta mileage northern part of the island of Muara Angke Tidung Ferry boat capacity of approximately 250 passengers about 2-3 hours sea journey.

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