Selected Places to Visit in Bali Island

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Selected Places to Visit in Bali Island

Bali Island - When it comes to Bali Island, there are many things to do and place which can be visited. All of the corners in Bali offer the interesting and attractive thing to be visit. One of the best times for visiting Bali is when the sunrise is coming. When the sunrise is coming, you can see the beautiful scenery and panorama in the certain places. If you want to enjoy the sunrise while enjoying the beautiful places in Bali, you can pick the sunrise tours which are offered by the tour agencies there.

Best Place In Bali Island

Nevertheless, if you want to walk by yourself without the tour agencies, here are the places which deliver the beautiful spots for the sunrise.  


Lovina Beach

The first place which should be included in your list when you want to see the sunrise in Bali Island is Lovina Beach. This beach is known as the best place for the tourists who want to enjoy seeing the sunrise. This beautiful beach is located in the north coast in the Bali Island. Besides offered by the beautiful sunrise in the morning, the tourists will be also offered with the dance of Dolphins. You can see these beautiful sea mammals show their dance on the sea. When you have a plan for visiting this place, you should bring your camera because there are many things that should be captured in this spot.


Banjar Hot Spring

After enjoying the attraction of dolphins, another destination which can be chosen for enjoying the sunrise is Banjar Hot Spring. This site actually offers the hot water who wants to swim or take a bat in that natural spring water. However, this site can also be the great place for enjoying the sunrise in the morning. This hot spring is located at the Northern of Bali Island. While enjoying the sunrise, you can also make your body fresh and healthy by taking a bath.


Munduk Village

Another destination which can be listed in your list is Munduk Village. This village belongs to the village which offers the natural resources, exactly natural waterfall. This natural site is also popular among the tourism sites which can be found in the North Bali. Besides the hot spring, the other things that you will get from this place are the fresh air and beautiful panorama.

Those are place which can be visited when you want to enjoy sunrise in Bali. You can visit those places by yourself or you can take the tour package which provides those sites as the destination.




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