What Is Culture

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What Is Culture

What is Culture and The Layer of Culture?

What is culture? Culture comes with a couple of different meanings. For instance, culture is the appreciation of good music, art, food, and literature. In terms of biological, culture is bacteria colony or a couple of other microorganisms that are developing and living in nutrient in the laboratory. Meanwhile, for a couple of behavioral scientists and anthropologists, culture is about learning the patterns of human behavior. This term was used for the first time by Edward B. Taylor the pioneer anthropologist in his book. He said that culture is complex things that include custom, morals, law, art, belief, knowledge and a couple of habits and capabilities that have been acquired by man as a society member. Since then, the culture concept has become the main key of the anthropology.

For survival, culture is the greatest tool for human, but it is not forever. Culture is easily lost and constantly changing as it only happens in many people’s mind. There are a couple of examples of the product of cultures such as buildings, governments, languages, and a couple of things that have been made by man. In terms of this reason, culture cannot be dug up by archaeologists immediately in their excavations. The pots that have been broken and a couple of other artifacts on ancient people that have been uncovered are the material which mirrors the cultural patterns.

Culture Layers

There are three levels or layers of culture which are a section of the behavior perceptions and patterns that you learn. Most of them are the cultural traditions body which differentiates your particular society. When many people speak of Japanese, Samoan, or Italian culture, in means that they share beliefs, traditions, or language which set every people apart from other people. In a lot of cases, many people who share culture do this stuff as it has been acquired because they were raised by parents and a couple of members of the family who have it.

The next layer of culture is a subculture that will be part of your identity. Society’s diversity that many people have a couple of different parts of the world, their original cultural traditions have often been retained.

The last layer of culture is the cultural universals. These are behavior patterns that have been learned which are shared by many humanity all over the world. These universal traits have been shared regardless of the place of people live in the world.

What is Culture and the Relation with Tourism

Every place in the world has the culture that influences the way of living of the local people. The diversity of culture makes it every place has the uniqueness which makes it different from one another. Although we all live following our cultural habit, what is culture, actually?

Culture is a knowledge and characteristic of certain groups of people in which the culture is defined by every aspect including religion, language, social habit, cuisine, arts, music, and much more. Further about culture, it can also be defined as shared patterns of interactions and behaviors, cognitive understanding, and constructions which are learned through socialization. Numbers of countries are mostly populated by immigrants; therefore, their original culture is also influenced by the groups of people which throughout the years make up the country’s culture. This includes as the part of the cultural growth in which when the countries grow, the culture diversity also grows as well.

With the diversity of culture in certain place, it attracts other people to come and observe or simply blend with the local culture. Known as cultural tourism, it allows travelers to immerse in local routines and rituals. Giving travelers chance to take breathtaking photos and also share the unique experience to the rest of the world. For the cultural destinations, traveler visitation encourages the local people to embrace the culture as well as increase the economic growth.

Indonesia as an archipelago country with islands spread along from west to east carries the culture as important aspects of life. With the distinct culture from one island to another makes it great tourism attractions besides natural attractions. The cultural diversity in the country is strongly influenced by the people religions such as Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, and also European colonialists. Cultural tourism plays significant roles in certain places such as Bali and Yogyakarta. The Balinese culture is mostly influenced from Hindu in which the religious festivals, temples, dance performance, and much more attract tourist from all over the world. On the other hand, Yogyakarta is a special province which is known as the center of classic Javanese culture and fine art. The culture in Yogyakarta mostly influenced with Hindu, Buddhist, and also Islam. There are also other places which have strong animistic beliefs such as Toraja ethnic in South Sulawesi, Asmat, and Dani ethnic in Papua, Dayak ethnic in Kalimantan, Mentawai in Sumatra, and much more. All of the religion and ethnicity influence have transformed islands in the country into a melting pot of culture in Indonesia.  


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