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A new culinary concept of Mixing the classic Italian with the fusion-modern Italian food served at "Bene Ristorante" .We guarantee you the most unique of Italian food and comfy ambiance.
Our pizza dough made fresh from scratch every single day and we also use whole wheat flour not only regular bread flour to ensure the quality and nutrition of our product. Remember that our pizza is "SQUARE" not round , just like the original pizza you can find in Italy. We have three different size of pizza, the "single fighter", the "gossiper" and the original "house party pizza" A.k.A one meter long pizza that you can share with friends and family and choose up to three different kind of flavors.
Have you tried Tom Yum Pasta? or Teriyaki Pasta before? well... we have it all at Bene Ristorante, from the classic Aglio e olio to the wildest combination of east meet west fusion pasta creation. Last but not least, all food served in Bene Ristorante uses No Pork and No MSG. Come Today ! what are you waiting for ?


Regan Suherman
I went to Tangerang area last week with my family, and we decided to go to Living world Mall- Alam Sutera. at first we had no clue where to eat and what to eat, but after a small discussion , we agree to try this new Italian restaurant called "Bene Ristorante" . the atmosphere of the restaurant is very comfortable, feels like home, very casual, no need to dress up to eat good Italian food.
we ordered one meter long pizza (a.k.a house party pizza) , we can choose up to 3 flavor of pizza in one meter long pizza, and the good thing is they also use whole wheat flour in their pizza dough , so its better for you. we chose the "oaxaca pizza", a Mexican inspired pizza, "the giovani dori" , pizza with fried fish topping and "the spinachi corico" , pizza with chopped spinach and ground beef. they were DELICIOUS ! seriously Delizioso ! the pizza is thin but not to thin, it's like the southern Italy style.
we ate them all, and we also order one bowl of pasta "agilo e alio Gamberononi" , pasta with garlic, chilly flake and grilled jumbo king prawn, it was awesomely delicious !
and for drink, i ordered "porta frutty", a mix of chopped strawberry and pineapple , with a little bit of soda water, very refreshing, sour and sweet combined nicely.
the waiter and waitress are very nice , they always smile , they repeat our order, this is the kind of place you wanna go to , to bring your family and friends, just to chill and hang out . I really recommend this place. they also do delivery service for Alam sutera, Bsd and Serpong area : (021)29239570
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