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Gili Biaha Bali diving is located in east of of Tanjung Biasputih. This Bali dive spot is really a rocky with a rounded cap of grass. If you wish to pump your adrenalin even more, you should dive in the east area. In east area, the current is wild and able to form a whirlpool under certain condition. However, each area in this Bali dive spot for sure will give you the distinctive fun. 

Gili Biaha is an impressive Bali Dive site where large marine creatures can be found. Known as Ikuan, Gili Biaha Bali diving is a rocky outcrop of Tanjung Biasputih. This bali dive site however can create problems, generating currents across and down the slope to the north has visibility 5-25m. Having deep channel and the tidal current sets strongly through it, Gili Biaha Bali diving also has 6-40m (20-130feet) depth. Rich of fascinating cuttlefish, octopus, interesting nudi branches, and the rich soft corals, gorgonians, and black corals makes your Diving experience in Biaha very special. Its current brings in many fishes and its slope offering a large variety of fish life making this an advanced Bali diving site. It is also a Bali dive site for expert due to its unpredictable gusts of current. The terrain slopes gradually beyond 37m and the swell is heavy. In this Bali diving spot, there is a cave at 12 meters with white and black tip shark, lobster inside and sometimes geart sting ray and mola-mola. Atlantis International crews suggest to always be careful and conservative.



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Kurniawan Aji Saputra
Untuk mengakses site2 berarus keras spt Nusa Penida, Tepekong, Biaha & Gili Selang, sgt disarankan utk menggunakan speed boat..
518 weeks ago - comment

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