Wedang Uwuh Angkringan Jogja

Traditional di Bantul Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta


Angkringan Jogja
Wedang Uwuh Angkringan Jogja

Healthy drink from Jogja

Traditional beverage made from 100% natural herb ingredients that have been handed down since the time of the kings of Mataram.

The History of “ Wedang Uwuh ”

“ Wedang Uwuh ” is a natural, traditional and unique drink from Jogjakarta made of natural spices with refreshing aroma and unique as well as delicious flavor of the herbal spices, which are also rich in its benefits for the health.

In the early days of our ancestors, the ingredients of “ Wedang Uwuh ” were believed to be able to relieve and prevent colds and mild cough, throat, accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain, fatigue, aches, bloating, etc.

Currently, the herbal ingredients of “ Wedang Uwuh Angkringan Jogja ” are more and more consumed to warm the body, maintain the fitness and vitality.

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Wisata Yogyakarta
Saya juga biasa nongkrong disini.. keren.
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